Rubina Ratnakar

All about reupholstery by Rubina Ratnakar

There are many times when you come across something that was very costly in the first place and you bought the best quality in the past. In such cases, you don’t want to let go of the piece so easily. One such thing can be the furniture that is made with upholstery fabrics. Reupholstering furniture refers to tearing down the fabric from the frame of the furniture and then using new fabric to cover the frame. This practice is being used widely on chairs and sofas that have good quality wood. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar tells everything about reupholstering.

One of the key decisions you have to make is that the piece of furniture you are thinking of upholstering is worth it or not. There is no point in reupholstering furniture if it is weak or isn’t that good in quality. The frame should be in very good condition and it should be good quality hardwood. The only problem that you should be having with the chair or the sofa should be about the fabric. This is important to determine because it is very costly to reupholster a piece of furniture as the fabrics are really expensive and it is a labor-intensive process as well.

The next step is to choose the fabric you want to use for upholstering. Do thorough research about the fabrics and make sure you are comfortable with it or not as all the fabrics are really costly. So, why not make the best possible choice? There are many tests to determine whether the fabric is good or not. One of the tests is the rubbing test. It determines the number of rubs before the fabric starts to wear off. The one with the highest frequency wins.

The next thing you should determine is the color and design you want. Choose something different from the piece you had earlier. This will create a great impact and make your living area look as good as new.

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