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Residential Design

Customized and Green Neocement Veda Realty

Neocement is highly customizable with colors, textures, patterns lent with decorative dyes, inserts, stenciling, and stamping. The finish can be given a character of your choice alongside unlimited variations.
Neocement is handcrafted at reduced thicknesses on several surfaces namely concrete, ceramics, woods, plasterboard, masonry walls, staircases, bathtubs, showers, etc. It is applied to the existing slab thus making it a viable green effect. Hence, unnecessary construction wastage and damage to the environment is reversed. Additionally, it can be applied irrespective of the climate condition.
Neocement Veda Realty is a cement mix with blends of very low VOC water-based polymers. Posing a minimum threat to the environment with fewer emissions and hazards of scrapped wastage.

High Utility and Versatility

The concrete effect is applied at only 3 millimeters to walls and floors. It is used both horizontally and vertically and even to objects such as a stool, tabletops, kitchen sinks or bathtubs.
The effect allows for endless possibilities and practical solutions to the decor. Boost creativity and infuse the durable concrete on spaces untapped thus far. Neocement is enriched with high-quality adhesion, abrasion and compression resistance, as well as waterproof and UV resistant properties that make the remodeling much easier.